G.Skills Quick Review

G.Skills Quick Review


Is it worth spending a little more money on G.Skill RipJaws V DDR4 3200 then other cheaper brands?

Well the answer is YES! With most new motherboards you get an option in the BIOS to choose an xmp (eXtreme Memory Profile) profile but be careful as most come with the default of 2133mhz (1066) you need to overclock straight away in the BIOS to reach 3200mhz (1600).

I’ve personally overclocked this RAM to 3467mhz (1733) which is slightly faster and stable, not sure if I overclock unless I get some sort a cooling for it, because once you increase the voltage¬†you increase the heat

Here’s the link to check the actual product out on amazon.

G.Skill V RipJaw V DDR4 3200 

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