Corsair H80i V2 Quick Review

Corsair H80i V2 Quick Review

An amazing cooler which is cheap and effective depending if you have south/north facing room…

When looking for a cooler may it be air/water. Those few degrees makes a huge differance for example here in the lovely UK I’ve got my computer setup in the north facing room which mean the room is a lot cooler then a south facing room. If you are in a warmer country equals to more harder your cooler has to work, you’ll have to spend a lot more on cpu cooler.

Why I chose H80i, well H55 (the lower model to the H80i) which is good depending on what CPU Temperature you are aiming for. Just remember increasing the temperature when your overclocking will definitly decrease the life of the CPU. I got the H80i because of the temperature it got on i6700k @4.0Ghz under heavy load (Premiere Pro/After Effects/Playing games I’m still playing Far Cry 4 🙂 I got 40 Degrees! Recently I’ve overclocked my CPU to @4.8Ghz at 60-65 degrees which I can live with and its runing stable for now. If you got the same setup as mine get H80i V2.

The next cpu water cooler I want to get must have 140mm fan did not realise at the time CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow differance between 120mm and 140mm is very big and how much quieter it is. Just make sure that your case can fit 140mm, in my case I can only fit 2x 140mm on Top in the case (Zalman Z11).

My thought are simply have a think about which room your in and the temperture of the room and do you want to overclock your cpu or leaving it at stock speed, for the cooler like I said above get the cooler depending on your needs. Just a quick note you can’t get adapters for 120mm to 140mm but you can for 140mm to 120mm case, aka you can put something small into something big, but you can’t but something big into something into something small. You may want to consider getting quieter fans if you are going to overclock, because if you don’t it sounds like your computer is about to take off!

v2 is a slightly better model then mine. Check it out now by clicking the links below

H80i V2 I will recommend for newbies in overclocking

H80i V2

The other I recommend getting the Corsair Hydro Series H110i as the price jumps on higher models


Any questions leave in the comment section below.

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