BrosTrend AC1 Quick Review

BrosTrend AC1 Quick Review

BrosTrend AC1 1200Mbps USB Wireless Dongle

Small, Sleek, and fast what more would you want. BrosTrend AC1

Wirelesss adapter dual band with 1200mbps. Speed upto 867mbps on 5Ghz or 300 mbps  on 2.4Ghz wifi band. Firstly before buying this you should ask yourself 2 simple questions

1. What I’m I going to use it for?

2. How far will you be from the router?


1. For a Gamer 2. No more than a room away / floor away (closer the better) -> Choose 5Ghz on BrosTrend AC1

1. Want fast Downloads (big files) 2.No more than a room away / floor away (closer the better) -> Choose 5Ghz on BrosTrend AC1

1.General Internet user/brower 2.Anywhere within range of 2.4Ghz -> Choose 2Ghz on BrosTrend AC1

And you need a USB 3.0 port otherwise you’ll find it difficult at times. Works with windows (Tested windows 7 – No problems), does not work on Mac versions 10.11, 10.12. Some reviewers have said there a problem with this device and the signal keeps on dropping, best thing to do is work from your router and see if there is an option for 5Ghz speed and because at the end of the day that’s the weakest link. My virgin media box has the options to do this, I’m 1 floor up and 1 room away from the router downstairs. Once I had this setup rarely did I have a signal drop out (every wireless adapter I’ve had has a signal dropout but it should be rare), I’ve had download speeds of 15mbps, If you need or not sure about this comment below, and watch my YouTube on BrosTrend AC1 for more detail on a quick setup so you can get start asap.

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