PlayStation PSVR – Should you buy one now?

PlayStation PSVR – Should you buy one now?

Getting a Playstation VR (PSVR), I have to say its great fun! Especially when you have family around the house.

Playing on the PSVR now for a couple of months now. Its great fun, a little messy with the wires hanging out. You won’t be disappointed at some of the quality of the games.  The version I have version 2, the minor update from version 1 is the headphones are built into the headset, the cabling is better. Now with HDR so everyone else can enjoy it when they watch you play on your 4K TV. Personally, I didn’t notice a big difference in the game but then it depends on what games you play.

For example, playing SkyRim VR, was difficult to get into because the first thing you notice is how blurry everything is in the distance. When I got used the blur in the background, the game finally becomes more enjoyable. It feels great when you kill the Dragon, just with a sword and bow and arrows, dodging its flames! I don’t want to spoil the rest of the game.  Just be warned, you do lose track of time. I was supposed to play a quick 30-minute game, but ended up playing for 3 hours!

I highly recommend getting the PSVR Demo, with lots of mini demo games.

Heist is my personal favourite game, there will be an extended version of the game coming out.

There are rumours that PlayStation 5 will be concentrating more VR gaming that been released in 2019/2020 depending on who you believe. Right now PS4 sales are still strong when they dip the next console will be released. The only reason I mention this Sony is in development of an 8k VR headset (4k for each eye) there are other headsets that already achieved this.

My prediction, Sony PSVR headset will be a big feature on the next PS5. My hope is that it will be wireless, by having a custom wifi signal like they have on the DJI Phantom Drone. If DJI can create that technology it shouldn’t be too hard for Sony to create there own.

Yes is the answer, get yourself PSVR headset have fun, and explore the crazy world of VR.

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