SCAM – GlobalNet

SCAM – GlobalNet

Hello all,

Most of you know that I’ve started blogging, and writing reviews and having an Amazon affiliate links to tech that I own or reviewed.

I was nearly SCAMMED!!! the reason I’m writing there’s nothing much on the internet about this as this seems like a new scam, I had 30 mins before I started work so I answered the call… and this is how it went down. Live and learn!

Today I got a call from Tech support from global net, “Hi Sir, how are you today?” strange as I didn’t recognize the number. I replied “Who is this?”,  he replied back with my full name. I asked who is this again?!,

he replied “My name is Keeeeevin (thick Indian accent), from global net, network security department, the reason regarding my call is about the IP address, we have been receiving a lot of warnings and errors from my network and that would cause a lot of trouble, in our devices and software (I didn’t really care about his devices or software – this is where I knew something fishy was going on!)


Blah, Blah, then he says “Did you try to reset your IP address?” then asked him “time and date”, he said “yesterday”… then I started asking him “who are you with” he replied “global net”

Then he directs me to this link This is one of the cheapest websites you’ll ever see. He kept telling me it is in the UK.

Then I asked him, where did he find my name from? He said “that your personal email address has been registered with your full name. ” Which to think about when I registered this website address all my details can been seen. I’ve got nothing to hide, now thinking I should have paid a little extra to gets this removed.

He then goes on to says “That he’s got all my personal information” which isn’t true because he would have told me that.

He says again “Did YOU reset your IP yesterday (He was getting frustrated lol)”, out of curiosity I said “yes!” He sounded very surprised!

Then he asked, “Why, why would you do that?!”

Told him that I had a new device I needed to setup.

He goes on to says “Hoooow can, how caaaan, how coooould , how did you do that, reset your IP address, can you let me know?” he sounded shocked! hehe


I said, “very simply via the router, you should know this!” Then asks me how to I did that “can you explain that to me!”

As I was explaining to him, he rudely interrupts me and asks “and why did you do that”

Told him that I’ve loads of devices.

He did mention “that you can simply reset the password?” (then why is telling to me to change the IP address?)this went on back and forth for a while.

He said I’ve got a router “in his house” I missed this during the actual call, so he’s actually working from home?

Then he goes on to ask me “what does IP stand for? (I knew what it stands for). But he said “Internet Protocol Address” I said “that would be IPA(address) then” hehe I could sense the frustration in his voice every time he said IP I says you missed the A its IPA, not IP.

He goes on to say “we’ve had a lot of warning and errors on your server, that’s why we made the call!!”

I asked “we network I’m I on??”, then he replies “I’m from Globalnet security team, I’m from Globalnet!!”

He told me to google it, but I was googling if this was a scam, didn’t much. As he started asking me more questions!

“How is your network working?”

“Did you try to reset your IP address”

“that’s why we made this call!”


He started to ask questions…

“Do you have a computer?” -> this is where I regret not saying I had an IMAC!!

He got me to press Windows keys + R key. then he got me to run NETSTAT

Now you’ll see that our local address and foreign address. This is where he tried to scare me. But those foreign addresses are various app and software doing their thing, connecting to different ports etc.


He said, “those foreign addresses are all the user accessing your computer right now!!”

I said “SH*T! I’ve got hundreds!! so many I couldn’t catch up as it kept scrolling (I just had loads of tabs open on my google chrome lol!).

then he said “do you see any of the foreign addresses say ACTIVATE users, and those are the unauthorized users”

just then it automatically closed…

He goes on to say that’s why you are having a lot of these problems on my computer. I said to him what problems?

He said, “those unauthorized users, you know, could be stealing information from your devices” etc…

“I need to see your computer, so we can rid of those foreign address”

he asked for my IP address and then foreign address, then he said need to get rid of those asap! I said NOOO! I don’t need you to do that because I’m a techie I know… did not get the hint!

I told him I’ve anti-virus don’t worry about it! then he tried to sympathize with and he didn’t want me to or family users to have their information stolen.

then he got me to RUN EVENTVWR which means Event Viewer. It is just a LOG. Nothing more…

He wanted to change my IP address, then told me stories about an online a gamer had his diamonds stolen and he rang them up, they fixed it.

then the conversation went like I simply don’t play online PC Games (I DO)… that’s why I’ve got a PlayStation… he went quiet for a moment… I tried to trip him up. He said I’m just giving you an Example!

Then he said, “Can I connect to your server to see whats going on, and so I can explain it to you?”

replied with “No. Just explain it to me” he wouldn’t.

he could see he wasn’t getting anywhere with me. He said “sorry, but there are other customers I need to help out. Bye”

Finally got him to hang up on me! So next time they wouldn’t me again.

I hope this helps you out, maybe you can waste their time so they aren’t scamming somebody else out there. Or have some fun with them, I wish I was a hacker sometimes… would love to crash their system! Anyway, have fun! If you want to hear more stories like these let me know in the comments below.


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