All-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric

All-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric

The Amazon Echo 2nd gen should you get it, here are the good and bad points…

Amazon Echo 2nd gen is google voice by Amazon with a better speaker! Is that it? no… there’s much more it.

The speaker quality is awesome, the design is great and be able to use it to control the lights, heating in your smart home if you have a smart home that is.

Alexa comes in handy when you have questions to ask. Or just had an idea, not to worry Alexa can jot that down for you. It’s like having PA (personal assistant) that won’t make mistakes, its great for busy people and help to organize your calendar.

Simply put its great to have around, as its better than the little voice in your head, as you’ll have Alexa reminding you the things that you need have done, or put off to another day.

Now to the gritty stuff, it is an Amazon product so guess what you’ll have to sign up to? Yes, your right, to get the most out of the Amazon Echo you must be an Amazon prime member. If you are not technically sound, connecting to 3rd party app maybe fiddly,

My personal thoughts are it great, even better with Amazon Prime members! it’s a lovely little tool to have around the house, great for busy people, great to have fun with.  Click below to check prices

US – Amazon link

UK – Amazon link

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