Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

My thoughts on the Amazon fire stick with Alexa.


Firstly check your TV does it have correct ports to connect and do you have one to spare with more and more Smart TV having more peripherals. As I’ve got a PS3, PS4, Xbox and the Nintendo switch all connected.

Most new TV’s won’t have a problem with ports because you usually get about 4 HDMI ports but always Check!!

Next thing you need to do is to check where and how far is wifi router from the TV, if its close you won’t have any problems.

Because of the popularity of the Fire TV Stick you may want to change the channel on your router because if the neighbor has the same setup you may find on odd occasions the TV shows jumps. Really annoying when your when your action movies!

Over 7,000 apps, games and Alexa skills, including Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, and more. Plus, access millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Firefox.

Now all been hacked and now you can install KODI on the latest version (correct when posting Jan 2017) a quick google search will allow you to check if you can install KODI on the version you have.

There are known problems, with some Panasonic TV’s. Poor connection problems to the router easy fix if you follow the instructions above. Lack of actual free TV shows, the user interface takes time to get used too, Alexa is something that you’ll use or won’t I don’t as I’ve got a local accent. But strangely works very well with a fake British posh accent, take the last comment with a pinch of salt.

If your an Amazon prime member, why don’t you have one yet! Its made around it amazon users. If you not an Amazon prime member next best thing is the Google Chrome Cast.

Check out the current prices on the Amazon Fire Stick by clicking on the images above or click below to go there now

Amazon Fire Stick

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